Hot Water Systems
Planning to install a new water heating system to replace an old one? Is your heater not working properly? Experiencing emergency leaks or bursts? How about routine maintenance checks?
Whatever your hot water needs are, our team of professional plumbers and pipefitters can answer them! We service the entire Canberra area and in select areas in the Australian Capital Territory.
Gas, Electric & Solar Hot Water Heaters
We’re the specialists for all your hot water heaters in Canberra. We deal with all the major brands for Electric, Gas and Solar hot water systems.
Installations & Service
We can install a brand new Gas, Electric or Solar hot water system in Canberra. If your existing hot water unit needs a routine service we can do that too.
All Areas Of Canberra.
Our hot water services are available to the whole of Canberra. We also travel to Queanbeyan, Murrumbateman & Yass.
It is common knowledge that hot baths have proven health benefits, and everyone needs warm showers every now and then to feel fresh and relax their tense muscles. Most households are equipped with hot water systems, which can be a challenge to install. They also tend to decline over time. Old water heater models last less than a decade on average, while newer models may continue to work well for more than 10 years. Gas, solar and electric water heaters have different life spans, but manner of use could affect longevity.

In Canberra, there are only a few professional plumbers with the licence to install, fix and check water heaters. The Benchmarking Plumbing team is one of the few pros in the city who are authorised to perform these tasks and we always deliver! Our workmanship comes with a warranty and we can also dispose of your old heater free of charge.
With years of experience servicing households in Canberra, we know the city like the back of our hands. Wherever your location is, we can provide hot water installation, repair and routine maintenance services. You may also contact us in case of emergencies. We will immediately dispatch a professional plumber to your area.
What Clients Are Saying
I'm really happy with your work! Not really the type to get maintenance plumbing and wouldn't have done so if not for a leak in my water tank. I had to call Benchmark Plumbing and they were so quick to response. The team told me it could have been avoided had I gotten routine maintenance. I took their advice and so far so good!
John Doe
Business Owner
It's really difficult finding excavators near me since I live in a suburb to the North. My place is quite far from the CBD but Benchmark Plumbing was kind enough to drive all the way to my house and help me dig a pool in my backyard. I thought it would take forever but I was impressed at how fast the staff worked!
Jane Evan